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+27616010011 / International
Trying to find this person
+27121400865 / Tam
Who called you ?
+27873506286 / Marie / Negative
This number is calling, supposedly on behalf of DirectAxis....You cannot call them back, and when you start asking for their credentials, they put the phone down. Do not give them your personal details
+27843637058 / Tee
I dont know this person. She is harrasing me
+27215698914 / Tsimane
Who owns this contact number as I keep getting calls and when I answer they put the phone down?
+27101094555 / Dolan Wenztel / Negative
Some poes scam artist attorney offering debt review counselling even though I have never been in debt in my life. Voetsek you scumbags and stop preying on the vulnerable.
+27784429676 / ralton
name of person whose number this is
+27726111067 / Bob / Negative
Scam claiming that our housekeeper was in an accident. Requested that we call them back - hung up when asked to confirm housekeeper's name.
+27110760823 / Anonymus / Negative
Do not confirm or provide any personal details to anyone phoning from this number.
I was called from this number by a young man speaking English with an African accent. Posing as a Consultant from ABSA Credit Card Division, he tried to pump me for information about my bank account. When I kept answering with the question "what is the purpose of your call" he put the phone down in my ear. A trained ABSA employee will never do that, and all their calls are recorded - so I knew it was a fraudulent call. I informed the ABSA Fraud division and provided them with the number. They confirmed my suspicions and passed it on to their forensics team.
+27110129946 / Dieketseng
I didn't answer