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+27110751660 / Sara / Negative
+27214925555 / zanele mbutini
I got a missed call from this number when i call it back it doesn't go through.
+27110254674 / Jay
I was called for an interview.
+27716495376 / Joe / Negative
+27877540443 / Joaquim Lima
who called me
+27840001595 / Uyu / Positive
+27210010781 / Henry / Negative
Consultant said they would like to deliver a package, they are a courier company.
She ask me about my work history I knew this was an unsolicited call. Probably from a debt collector, also I wasn’t expecting any courier delivery!
+27110723332 / Aideply
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+27114306556 / Bulelani / Positive
I want know about this number
+27861999922 / Elmarie
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