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+27101400178 / Mpho Mashute
I'm expecting a delivery so they were confirming my address on Tuesday but even now I'm still waiting.
+27876881153 / N Abrahaams
Not sure who this is
+27876881152 / Lisa / Negative
Spam, if you try calling back it gets cancelled straight away without ringing.
+27876881152 / Charl / Negative
Numerous calls per day, when I pick up the call is ended.
+27311400130 / Mbalenhle Asanda / Positive
Hi I want to know who call me
+27872300235 / Tiny Ford
It’s Debonairs confirming your pizza is ready
+27873301293 / Homer Simp
+27214926100 / Godiraone Seadimo
i received a call on Saturday morning, i picked the call but there was an English lady who was trying to talk to me and looks like there was a problem with network because we didn't hear each other clearly and we ended up cutting the call....the call was coming from Capetown. who could that be because i don't know anyone from South Africa.
+27214926138 / Desmond
Please call me you were locking
+27872406553 / Nix / Negative
Purporting to be Nedbank & urging me to call 0861126326 (a fixed line in Australia!) or 0861288864 re duplicate payment - they used my surname but I dont have a Nedbank account, and while I did get a payment from Nedbank on the date mentioned it was not duplicated "Failure to call will result in legal action". Extremely dodgy see