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+27115605321 / Cecil Simon Lemao
That's Jerome,called with private number.She said that she calls me concerning SARS,that I owes SARS R27200.00 for penalties.insist I must pay with in 6months or they gonna take money from my account without any questions.
+27105908977 / Thunderstorm / Negative
Irritating telemarketer
+27877540625 / Webster / Negative
This number belong to a debt collection company called MBD attorneys
+27211100612 / A / Negative
Call comes in, I answer, as soon as I say hello, they disconnect
+27127435773 / Maruapula / Negative
Scammer from Anglo American
+27105908977 / Dee / Negative
This phone number is very annoying. I get calls twice a day and they are different companies and I always select 9 to opt out, but the next day I get calls again. I just want this to stop
+27211100612 / philw / Negative
+27878133126 / Crawford
Clientel life
+27877413235 / peter
coller phoned me today he had my detail nd told me that i took policy and they want to thank me then he started asking about my acc,be careful out
+27127435773 / Jethro / Negative
They claim to be Anglo platinum