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+27104922978 / Godfrey Langa
I received an sms claiming its from City of Johannesburg
+27110112607 / Grete / Negative
4 calls in 45 minutes. Stops ringing very quickly. I managed to answer the 4th call. A SILENT CALL :((((
+27876546243 / Sonja / Negative
Spam - Robot number
+27784848493 / Danél Janse vanRensburg / Positive
Thesen Harbour Town , Knysna , Western Cape
+27219278975 / anda
they keep on calling even at night
+27210012361 / Caty / Negative
RS DEBT FORCE: Cold called to help me with my accounts which were in arrears. Could not say which accounts.
+27219278177 / A.R
I have been recieving phone calls from this number all the time in a day they call 11 times . When call is answered no one speaks . This us really frustrating and immature childesh beheaviour
+27877540637 / Georgina / Negative
Very rude ... want to talk to my husband ... will not say what it is about ... we don't owe anybody anything ... i will not give my husbands number unless she tells me what it is about ... she keeps calling back and I keep refusing to give the info unless she tells me what it is about.
+27878133172 / Shammy / Negative
Voice recording. Telemarketer.
+27873688531 / gatvol / Negative
hou op om te bel wie dit ook al mag wees!!!!! Gaan jou block