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+27101400864 / C Jones / Negative
Extremely rude telemarketer.
+27837172733 / clive
looking for bafana
+278414867 / Andrew / Negative
Phone put down on pickup. Possibly scam
+27218170519 / Siphosethu / Negative
this number must be blocked because it is really annoying
+27872507200 / Felicia / Negative
They are fake do not give out your ID number please
+27820072292 / Promose
Have been scammed by this company using this number at hillside road 08, about a job offer
+27110760937 / Cakez / Negative
Didn't answer
+27786373822 / Zanobuzwe mduzana
+27112562364 / Vusumuzi sydney Dladla
Who’s number?
+27155165977 / Samuel Masoma
Just want to know who called me