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+27100206017 / John / Positive
Porno service looking for actors
+27121110853 / Karin / Negative
LIERS !! Scamsters ! !
BLOCK this number
using afrikaans people to call ! SIES !!!
+27101094694 / Your a** / Negative
+27872874005 / MArgaret
Bayport Financial
+27839300223 / Faith / Negative
Receive dodgy phishing message:

"Dear ______,
Please confirm your credentials for your delivery today, otherwise your package will be returned to the sender: "

(might be
+27817456618 / Don / Negative
These guys are a JOKE! Called to set up a meeting, asked who a bank with and if i have any credit on my credit card... then some idiotic woman by the name of Janine calls you to confirm and when asking her to send info via email she says that the admin team will be sending the info. These guys are a bunch of muppets, dont even waste your time...
+27115942316 / tebogo
I'm looking for a job & I want to know
+27794814949 / Kalkoen Kallie
locate phone
+27121400394 / Ndivhuwo / Positive
Please call me again
+27114306556 / Fhatuwani / Positive
I received a call from a consultant using that number the person had all my information and i confirmed everything now i am worried coz i have not even received the contract phone i requested for!!! Guys it this a scam or what?