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+27318371008 / Siza / Negative
+27211402115 / Reggie / Negative
It's spam
+27210018324 / SHALE
+27873520664 / Rodney / Negative
I manage to trace them, company who collect money on behalf of others. Even after I said I am in South Africa only for 3 months and don't have debt, they insist that I must pay. I said to the guy to F... O..
+27112514743 / JVW / Negative
Telemarketing call (spam)
+27215180008 / Human 1 / Negative
Automatic answer call - I qualify for a loan of up to ......... Not worth answering. May be a scam.
+27112514711 / jaco / Negative
This is a sales call for Financial planning
+27110460217 / Veronica Matthews / Negative
Ask for your name and then say they from United loans. When you say no thanks the call just get dropped. Or they say you have a loan from United.
You can not phone back to find out what it is about. They are rude and keep on phoning 4 - 5 times a day.
+27873593201 / Charmaine / Negative
I had call from a rude, obnoxious little girl called Leanne who needs to learn some manners. I could tell straight away that it was a telemarketing call and when I asked her if she was phoning to sell me something she also said “Well darling you have already bought a product from us..." Yeah right, in whose world are we talking about?? This is me, the person that NEVER EVER buys ANYTHING over the phone!!! I hate the way these people think just because they have your name they can so casually use it like you are one of their peers. I have been in Sales for over 30 years and one of the first rules when phoning anyone even a well-established client is to when they answer your call state that it is you calling and then ASK THEM do they have time to talk right now? Once or twice I have actually had a telemarketer ask me that, and purely for their manners and consideration of MY TIME I have said yes, and then listened to them.
+27150101150 / Lego / Negative
Answered phone and some lady was just shouting and talking loudly in the background, didn't even bother to say something to me. Added to blacklist.