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+27212057436 / Sipho / Negative
What to know where is the location
+27431100083 / Debbie / Negative
This Guy said "Hi I'm Mr Olivier you have monies outstanding with Van Ryns Attorneys and when I started to explain that I don't he cut the call. Been trying for over an hour to call back but the line stays busy.
There is NO Van Ryns Attorneys in PE only Johannesburg on 011 867 3233
Not sure if other people operate off accounts but these get hacked regularly so do your homework and be vigilant.
+27813838393 / Mesh
I dont know who called and i would like to know so I can respond
+27618563084 / Noklunga
I lost my phone and it is still ring I'm using my boyfriends device to find it
+27681941467 / Scelo
The numba called me and she lost a phone but it's is still ringing I want to locate it
+27314926614 / Unsure / Negative
I answered but didn't say anything. They never said a word and hung up after 8 seconds. Probably spam.
+27126888812 / Argo / Negative
Calls continuously ...
+27873358603 / Brian Lobeko
I dont know who called and i would like to know
+27211100500 / Hannes / Positive
It is a trusted company.