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+27211400167 / anonymous / Negative
This number is recorded as "Potential Fraud"
+27110200482 / Leatitia / Negative
Also tried to scam me, saying a fraudulent transaction is going through on my credit card from Nedbank, wanting expiry numbers etc etc. Wanted me to repeat card numbers and they way he spoke (language used such as Fraud Squad??) alerted me, so while he was on the phone, I googled the number and found this....
+27872406518 / Eddie / Negative
Phone number used for Gumtree SCAM attempt, Wynne Loren Anne <[email protected]>
+27105002875 / abrham haimanot
i dont know please send me the callers name
+27110751605 / Alice / Negative
I did not answer these calls. I receive about 6 calls a day, calls will come through up until 1930pm at night.
+27311100137 / digital
i wonder who called guys does anyone have a clue?
+27872503387 / uuuuu
+27215043354 / Theo / Positive
This call is from Old Mutual agent.
+27110567380 / Tony / Negative
Constant emails promoting their courses. Unsubscribe simply means nothing to Tsebo Training and development.
+27821202200 / Zandu
At midnight I received several messages saying system error occurred. Big scam