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+27640711955 / Moi
Got an sms
+27818645591 / pinkie / Negative
these person is scaming people with my name
+27103463080 / Paul / Negative
Spam calls
+27747168758 / Elmarie Calitz
is this person using this no. a Mr F Patel
+27872406543 / Nonhlanhla Palacious Mtsweni
+27872406543 keeps sending me messages. I'm so annoyed. I have never ordered anything online. I cant get them to stop sending me messages. Im so so so annoyed
+27637362849 / Thobile Mhlabeni
who called me
+27634730457 / selby moloto
I was scammed by this number via CAPITEC MONEY TRANSFER 063 473 0457
+27682596753 / Les / Negative
Scammer (Coloured man) who pretends to do fumigating.
+27727870201 / Les / Negative
Scammer (Coloured man) who pretends to do fumigating services.
+27113737082 / Amazing
I have no idea about the caller