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+27879433264 / Sipho / Negative
This is a SCAM, be aware, dont give away any details they may request.
+27871501359 / Witness
I do not know who called me. I did not answer bcoz they dropped the call. They called me several times.
+27878133194 / Daniël Burger / Negative
Robot caller BS
+27318252841 / bongane's
I received a call from the same number yesterday , The caller said I got the job I applied for at Tatic rice , I applied doubt from the very same day.
stay woke. they use human greed to lure us in.
+27110399659 / Vuyiswa
Iyhoooo! I also got an SMS saying I got a job @ sasol limited. I also received an email with the contract that I was supposed to to sign and return it with 6 hrs together with a police clearance. I didn't do any of those things cause I believe for every job there should an interview. It's very sad cause we need jobs and these people are out to get money from desperate people. It's sad really!!
+27110399659 / precious
eish guys,deperate times in deed but the question is how do these people know that your unemployed,my sister is been scammed,so is it safe to put applications online these days????
+27100056401 / Satch / Negative
Don't know. Did not answer. I need to know as these are frequent calls from different cell phone and numbers of places you cannot trace. the cell phone number is +27873520664.
+27879405517 / Lehlogonolo / Negative
I receive a call from that number he want to speak with my mother an she call her with name and that person her said he calling from accident Roud Found he want to know if she know kagiso climate and he ask me my mother's number I give him an he din'tnot call her back the next day my boss call me he day's yesterday he receive a call an he give me this number 0879405517 she say she want to speak with lehlogonolo an her name is millecent an i millecent too so I confuse i real don't know what is going please help us
+27110513995 / Bronwen
Very dodgy sounding guy claiming to be from Std Bank telling me I'm owed R990 from points on my credit or cheque card. Don't have a credit card with Std Bank. He had my maiden name and ID number?? Asked me for my card number, so I ended the call. Seriously, how stupid do you think I am?? And how do these criminals get access to our ID numbers???
+27318189062 / Jackie / Negative
My whole family keep getting silent calls from this no. I see it's owned by Neotel