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+27110460102 / Joash Ramdas
This company calls constantly with agents being absolutely rude in the way they speak, and laugh on calls when introducing themselves. I have had up to 8 calls in 1 day from this company who refuses to stop calling me.
+27110460101 / Khaya
Which company use this number?
+27110460114 / Nasiphi / Negative
Forget her name asked me about my job how much do I get paid my ID numbers my cell c contract.
+27210034415 / Kai / Negative
This number called me. Tried calling back, call doesn't go through.
+27110460296 / Ntombizilungile
Last week I received a call from this number 0110460131 &0110460296 I was gave her all my details its about phone contract she didn't came back to me i forgot her name but its Sotho girl
+27110848410 / Ryder
I found missed call.
+27876548412 / EE1 / Negative
Missed call from 0876548412. Tried calling back a few times. Get American accent voice saying that the call cannot be completed at this time. Possibly an outbound call centre.
+27100206016 / Patrick / Negative
Multiple calls. Disconnects when answered.
+27873688531 / dude / Negative
phones all the time. I don't know what they want.
+27873520664 / Matt / Negative
Received a call before about some kind of insurance and mobile packages. I declined politely. Now keep on getting calls from them which I don't answer anymore.