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+27873508029 / Papa
I did not pick.
+27846387871 / Xhanti Mapoma
where's my phone???
+27100017239 / Nick / Negative
I don't own a car or have a license, yet somehow have an outstanding traffic fine? Scam for sure.
+27872406551 / Complaint / Negative
Threats, harassment, special discount offers from all numbers used by p&p attorneys . Ordering to phone p&p attorneys 039 312 6600
After hours intrusion of privacy. Best to request forensic investigation after several years of harassment.
+27210002873 / Pinky Philisiwe
I didn't answer this call wich component did call me?
+27872406529 / Consumer stration / Negative
Harassment, threats, sms to phone p&p attorneys. They expect consumer to call them and I refuse to spend money on phone calls just to be attacked verbally by a voice with no name.
This has been going for a number of years. The voice must have watched tv series where the prosecute is portrayed as hero. I refuse to be treated like that when they are not even able to sort out their client Telkom queries.
+27161005453 / Robyn / Negative
Who does this number belong to seems to be a spam call
+27711554772 / John / Negative
Blackmail. Extortion.
+27210002873 / Ntebaleng
I didn't answer missed call which company phoned me
+27318343544 / Zizipho
Plz call me