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+27588010059 / Piet / Negative
Keeps on calling, nobody speaks
+27121110853 / Pierre / Negative
Same as above ! Arrogant, obnoxious! Don't take no for an answer and probably still works for his salary even though this "product" of theirs will make you rich ? Makes sense doesn't it ?
+27110582512 / David Jacobs / Negative
This is a group that is fraudulant, corrupt and take bribes from desperate people.
+27110460212 / Khethiwe
Who called me from
+27218300772 / Thamara
This number has been calling me since I don't know every time I answer the call drops
+27872406548 / Bhar
NSFAS scam
+27101107758 / Katlego mashale
I missed call from this number
Time 14:05
+27110460245 / Marius / Negative
Very rood
+27116719649 / mpho / Negative
+27114306556 / Gordon
They say its vodacom wanting adr to deliver new contract phone is it true