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+27110460274 / Midrand / Negative
Wanted to have info about my cell c account. Missing info. I ask what info, cell c have all my details.
Put the phone down in my ear.
+27873303323 / Ilhaam / Negative
Told me they were phoning from Nedbank and work in insurance. Asked for the details of my car, when I asked them to prove they were from Nedbank they backed down and ended the conversation.
+27878251665 / Bigfoot / Negative
Asked my name, terminated the call. African accent.
+27114306556 / Abram
Still waiting for cellphone A20 no call from them but the say the will delivery will come this week they call last week
+27110460133 / suzette cattier / Negative
I am trying to find out who called me from this number, I have dialed the the and tell me it does not excist
+27210018742 / Malcolm
Who operates from this number?
+27110460157 / Mpilo
Am getting miss call
+27110112617 / Lindelani
+27123483320 / Ashlin
This is the number of Meekha
+27736208175 / Christa Seeff / Negative
Sexual harassment whatsapp facetime