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+27218950021 / Luuh / Negative
Got a missed call from this number and when i call back its voicemail. SPAM!
+27116719608 / Chris
Who could this be?
+27110751690 / charlene
what company is this caller from
+27873300029 / Jay / Negative
The number calls me daily, when I answer its silence, when I call back the call is answered immediately and I hear only silence
+27316557400 / jacque / Negative
silent and dials from 087623059 as well and call from 5 o clock in the morning until what time at night
+27110559813 / Nathaniel / Negative
The caller just buzzed me on my cellphone and when the trying to call the number back the number is unreachable, says "call ended"
+27218950021 / JB / Negative
Claims to be calling from MTN with special offers. Spam call.
+27127640688 / Joe / Negative
Could be a phising scam! Said he was from Outsurance and asked for my ID. Was very inaudible and hung up after a while. Avoid calls from this number!!!
+27210034050 / JvN / Negative
Continuous calls despite being told its a business line
+27104921857 / Rex / Negative
The number calls for 4 seconds and hangs up. 3x Missed calls in 2 minutes. Earlier today 2x additional missed calls.