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+27872406525 / taxify sending spam / Negative
spammer taxify using this number, suggest you block it
+27110399659 / Siybonga / Negative
I got an email and sms saying the same thing as the above comments, likely I didn't do anything I suspected it's a scam, so please guys don't fall for it
+27218950021 / Justsomeguy / Negative
Silence when answering. Con.
+27104936623 / Bobby Joe / Negative
Some FNB upsell nonsense
+27872406536 / Sherbrooke / Negative
Calls 2 to 3 times a week, every time uses a different number when I try to block.
+27873583161 / Fed up
Same number calls all day, answer and they hang up.
+27115942230 / amanda smith / Negative
unknown silent caller
+27871507375 / Gab
Unknown caller
+27110735761 / Mashudu / Positive
Caller details
+27646139624 / Rusty#Barrz
If I had any further details, I would share them here.
I suspect this number’s for a brokerage firm — ever since opening a couple brokerage accounts several years ago, I’ve been receiving random around-the-clock international calls from brokers looking to upsell me on.... well, everything.
Hence, my reluctance at answering unknown numbers.