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+27120125277 / George / Negative
Number belongs to Agriedeal Projects, a training provider. Once they confirm your details it's impossible to get off their database. They share with other training providers.
+27115439460 / Gift / Positive
Who called me
+27110129952 / Lusanda
Missed call
+27510116987 / Jacqualene
Who is this
+27870491795 / mampuru
Nd gas broker
+27218170519 / Tumie / Negative
This number called and Hang up when I answered.We expecting calls from where we applied for jobs,they must stop this as it is so disturbing.
+27218170519 / Soso / Negative
+27718625864 / custom paper writing service / Negative
I think the admion of this site is truly working hard ffor his
website, as here every data is quality based information.
custom paper writing service
custom paper writing service
+27110760828 / Kevin / Positive
The call was an offer by my bank to streamline my Credit Card transactions, as well as offering an automatic, but refuseable, credit increase on my Credit Card. This call was CONFIRMED AS LEGITIMATE after consultation with my Bank's Credit Card Division, using the call centre number as reflected on the back of the Credit Card.
+27100037030 / Tshembhani
Which company those this number belong