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+27672174614 / Vuyo / Negative
+27100353943 / jerry
No miss call
+27100353943 / jerry
I received missed call who are you
Don't know
+27877246382 / Mike
I didn’t answer
+27811711126 / Sel / Negative
Keeps calling but no one speaks. They just hang up.. Calls any time morning day or nights
+27120103917 / Gerda / Negative
Numerous calls withoit messages left
+27210106767 / Jason
+27745345929 / eugene
+27110723388 / PHILLEMON BALOYI / Negative
Name .PHILLEMON baloyi
I sendd more email about the debit order on my phone to cancel it but the transmission stil went on. Can you please help me get my money back i want a refund