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+27839300024 / Warren
Got a multimedia message from this number. Standard bank ucount rewards. Doesnt seem like a legit message form the bank
+27112197137 / Lebo
They said that they are parcel angency, that takes your parcel from overseas through customs to you. Then you should pay them the amount of R850.00 . The campony name is and the lady that I spoke to is Thuli and their other number is 073 643 4104
+27318343470 / ytjie / Negative
Hang up as soon as you answer.
+27318343470 / Ann Oyed / Negative
Hang up when you answer
+27115861277 / Sonja
They called regarding a promotion Apple or Samsung?
+27116719528 / Davids
Did not answer
+27110112600 / Scotland / Negative
It is the 2600 Hacker group. You have fallen prey. Lookout! Change all your password. Enable 2-step authentication on all online accounts. Make sure you have something like BitDefender on your computer. And have an excellent spam cleaner like Malwarebytes. Do not fall prey. Do not answer any random survey telephone calls from any online company. Stay away from random callers!
+27231000953 / Linda
No answer
+27211400711 / Jabile
Hi, I want to know who called me using the above number
+27211400719 / Carine / Negative
This number called twice between 3:15 and 3:30 am!