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+27100055290 / Malebo / Negative
email with this number received , who are they?
+27210014644 / Sondezwa Sisipho / Positive
I received a missed call
+27210134205 / Nkululeko / Positive
i missed this call i wanna know the user name
+278414868 / Glo / Negative
Suspicious caller
+27877010407 / HVSL / Negative
SMS'S received claiming the number is for ML Mateme Attorneys. This outfit is a bunch of scammers.
+27840001565 / natalie
whant to kno who called
+27840001565 / ivan
who called
+27110760827 / Victor / Positive
I didn't answer
+27764254332 / Casimoro
Number just rings.
+27104943290 / tshepo
who called me with this number 0104943290