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+27873508003 / H MULLER / Negative
+27110751544 / molly / Negative
I am continuously being harasses by this call centre
+27114306556 / Slee
also got a call from Thandiwe Hlatshwayo who had my details last week. I applied for a Vodacom contract 2 months ago, but it was declined. So she said they will send the laptop cause unlike the Vodashop, they are a call centre and want to make sales. Laptop was meant to be delivered yesterday (14/10/19), but I just got a call again from someone and it got cut before he could get anywhere. My worry is, they knew my ID, address and banking details. What can I do?
+27319420031 / Donito
I want to find out who this is
+27834564872 / Paul / Negative
Very Dodgy, this number is linked to my MTN app and it's ip address is cloned by mine. Now I can do some work
+27113514142 / Interested
+27110460152 / Matt / Negative
User trying to take my bank details lying that I won a competition which I don't know about
Becarefull of this number
+27105908977 / Aideply
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+27105914336 / Elizabeth
Boitumelo Shole called, she said she was calling onbehalf of Hamonate .She did not want to give more details hence am a bit concerned
+27873109752 / Anon / Negative
Does not speak when the call is answered. Highly suspect.