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+27870925027 / John
Just called and left no message
+27212024774 / Gerhard
Who is this
+27112562373 / olga Masekwane
yes i did answer they sound very good
+27311401661 / Daniel Andrew / Positive
Not sure who called me. Was a persisitent call likke 3 times! Did not answer. Was awakened by unknown caller
+27311401661 / Daniel Andrew / Positive
Called me three times
+27121400583 / Linda Naude / Negative
Constant harassment
+27100353943 / mary
trace a number
+27100353943 / mary / Positive
this number is from where its belong to which company
+27110760824 / Khu Mas / Negative
Harassing number
+27112197079 / Gerda / Negative
They are scammers in selling cars, I have 2 nr's: 073 218 4338 and 071 922 6269. They say the business is at 112 Kaolin str, Cartonville, it does not exist.