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+27872406550 / Solomon
Hie please I want to about this pin sending in my Mtn number

Your connect one Time Pin 3618

Is for what????
+27116328081 / Jonathan / Negative
Who is this just stop
+27872406549 / Courtney / Negative
I also received a verification code from this number and I don't know what it's for
+27101107889 / Baenetse / Negative
It was a silent call, everytime I try to answer they'll drop the phone, couldn't talk to them
+27872406530 / Janet / Negative
I phoned this number and message stated that the number does not exist.
+27614686153 / peter
Big crooks keep changing their name but same scam ...
+27120350156 / kgomotso mafora / Positive
i found your miscall.
+27871312685 / Alan / Negative
Went straight to disconnect as soon as I answered
+27876555753 / Annie / Negative
Called. Rang for 5 seconds. Call dropped when I called back.
+27210014647 / Mduduzi Nondudule
I missed a call from this number, 0210014647 this morning. I would love to find out who was calling.