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+27113325010 / Sirus / Negative
Received a call from the number and there was a baby crying in the background the guy sounded so unprofessional I sense a scam
+27126888994 / Kedibone / Negative
They are always calling and only letting the phone ring for 1 second exactly. You only ever see the missed call
+27876880496 / Lols telly market / Negative
advertise agent
+27313254259 / Nones / Positive
Some one in 10 Daintree Ave. Overport is positive CoviD-19. But don't care and go out or the family go out. Without being 14 days Quarantine. Please investigate.or phone them.
+27120048290 / Kaone
Any information about this number
+27871582606 / Mick / Negative
Said they were from FNB offering "Lockdown assistance" to their customers of up to a million rand. Sounded fishy. When I said so, a robot voice on the other line said "cancelled" and the call ended.
+27871582606 / Jodi / Negative
It seems to be a nuisance or spam call. They call consistently, but when you answer no-one respond on the other end. When you call back, the line is always busy.
+27105908977 / RobertCet
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+27820097640 / Ian / Negative
They said you are subscribe to play games, R10 per day. And when I have no money on my phone the send. Please recharge your account, your vodacom airtime is depleted.
What is this. Must I take further steps?
+27871382102 / Biyela Nompilo
I just missed a call from this number at 15:28 and I don’t know who might have called me. This is the second time