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+27876542111 / Robyn / Negative
Don't know
+27672231794 / Andile
the person went missing
+27211400254 / Karen / Negative
Who is these people phoning me
+27182800372 / Popi
27182800372..I dnt knw who called me,as soon as I answered they dropped the call
+27313310526 / Jack / Negative
Someone claiming to call from ABSA. Think it is a scam.
+27641466422 / Sarah / Negative
The Musician helps creator promote their company with advertising organizations which social engineering backup as ITsupport very dangerous for newbie ,No one plays your games.Stealing information as theif online communities.
+27815463888 / Russell Figgins
To whom this number belongs to.
+27116719783 / adds
sddfs sdds dsfdsf
+27212710633 / Cherise / Negative
Called saying she is phoning from Vodacom. She Stated that I was selected to win a prize to have the option to buy an iphone at R139 per month.

I asked her where did u get my number she said, at the time when I RICA my simcard, I asked her to remove my name from her promotional or spam calls and she stated that if she does that my Simcard will not be RICA’d anymore and that I would lose my cellular service.

This number is used by a Very aggressive scamartist.

Please be safe people.