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+27112197082 / Christopher
They said they are a car dealership, I don't know how true is it
+278414862 / No
+27218170519 / Ettiene / Negative
Caller hangs up when you answer - Very irritating
+27119229400 / Sally
Didn't answer.
+27210106770 / un known / Negative
phoned me today answered and then put down few days before i got a phone call askig is it me and i said yes then then they put down tryed to phone went to answering machine of a man from over seas voice
+27514037400 / Teboho Mokete
I got missed calls from these numbers
+27211100164 / Willem / Negative
Scammers keep calling after I dropped calls. Blocked the number.
+27210106763 / Tumi / Negative
You answer and they immediately drop the call,
+27211100164 / hendrik / Negative