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+27105908977 / 0105908977 is a fixed-line phone number from ZA Johannesburg. Users have left 101 comments. Read our tips and find who called you.

Comments (101) Rating - Negative 1/10
2018-06-07 / Peter / Negative
Good thing I blocked this number ... I can see in the list they are still trying to call me
2018-06-06 / Elize / Negative
Get a call from theperson who says he is from standard bank and that I have a lot of points to convert. It can be used at various institutions like Shell, BP, Pick n Pay, Makro ect. I must just gve him the OTP that he send to convert the points. When I asked him a question why the OTP mentioned an amount, he just put the phone down. I do not have a u-count card for points. This is obviously a scam to get money from a person. Please report this man to authorities as he is a fraud. Block this number immediately on your phone.
2018-06-05 / PO'd answerer / Negative
Instead of focusing on stupid c**p like our government enjoys doing, how about trying to revise the laws so that these machine telemarketers are banned. They are annoying as f**k and take away alot of peoples jobs. I'd rather have a person calling me trying to sell me s**t instead of some f**ked-up voice machine with its bulls**t. Kill all these dumb f**ks with there retarded voice machines!
2018-06-01 / Angered of Tunbridge Wells / Negative
These jokers should have their nads snipped off.
Even though hundreds of people block them, they keep harassing you.
Networks should ban this number.

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Rating - Negative 1/10

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