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+27110751661 / 0110751661 is a fixed-line phone number from ZA Johannesburg. Users have left 3 comments. Read our tips and find who called you.

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Comments (3) Rating - Negative 0/10
2019-10-10 / 21 / Negative
2019-10-10 / 21 / Negative
2019-05-14 / Angel / Negative
They call about the loan claiming that i had sent them an enquiry about a loan and ask that I send my details. They call every second until you answer. Even if you tell them you did not send anything, they stll call ahain and again its really irritating. They also use the following numbers
0110751640, 0110751661, 0110751532, 0110751691, 0110751564, 0110751632, 0110751576, 0110751546,0110751541,0110751506, the list is endless they are just too many

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