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+27114306556 / 0114306556 is a fixed-line phone number from ZA Johannesburg. Users have left 37 comments. Read our tips and find who called you.

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Comments (37) Rating - Neutral 4/10
2019-10-23 / Buhle / Positive
It's not a scam
I just received my huawei p30 yesterday
also got a call from Thandiwe Hlatshwayo who had my details last week. I applied for a Vodacom contract 2 months ago, but it was declined. So she said they will send the laptop cause unlike the Vodashop, they are a call centre and want to make sales. Laptop was meant to be delivered yesterday (14/10/19), but I just got a call again from someone and it got cut before he could get anywhere. My worry is, they knew my ID, address and banking details. What can I do?
2019-10-07 / Charles Tshikalange / Negative
2019-09-19 / Abram
Still waiting for cellphone A20 no call from them but the say the will delivery will come this week they call last week

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