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Comments (31) Rating - Negative 0/10
2019-03-12 / Etienne / Negative
Grrot drol wat my gebel het, toe ek wil weet hoe is ek nou skielik so gellukige mens om skielik iets te kry toe bly hy se dis random sellected... en bly vra oggend middag of aand. Bel van 021 maar ek sit in Hartnebos en hy wil my die volgende oggend al sien??? nee wat mense niks is verniet nie. Hulle baie bombasties en agresief... Op einde toe ek nee dankie se was sy reaksie dis my eie stupidgeit...drol
2019-03-12 / JCH / Negative
0121110853 diverse something want to get rid of R5000 shares I was picked because of the higher petrol price...
Told him I was contacted alot before
He want to know names
I said I don't remember, I've wiped it out of my mind cause I'm not intrested. He sais that's why I'm not a milionare
What a........ He's not a milionare either
He has no integrity
The previous callers were all sarcastic and rude.
Before I can say anything, they drop the call
2019-03-05 / Joey van Wyk / Negative
Phoned me to tell me that i have been chosen to get R5000 worth of investments in Shoprite and other places, but when i told them that i do not have a credit card, they rudely told me i dont qualify and just ended the call. Scam
2019-03-04 / J / Negative
They called me for the 100th time and when i kept asking for them to remove my number, the lady told me that i will get nowhere in life and that i needed the money as i am clearly struggling. WTF! how do i report these idiots for harassment???

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