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Comments (11) Rating - Negative 2/10
2019-05-07 / Happy / Negative
I got this email today. No office number, no surname, no telephone number to call them. It doesn't feel right.

Good day to you Jobseeker

This email serves as a response to a recent email we have received from you relating to a vacant position that was advertised online.

We appreciate your interest in this vacancy.
For you to progress in the application process please take special notice of the information in this letter.

To advance to the next stage in the application process we need you to act swiftly and forward the following documentation to our application department:
Your full detailed CV, your photo, a cover / introduction letter, and any other documentation that will support your application.

Please mark this for attention: Vanessa, our compliance officer.
You can send everything, for her attention, to Fax: 0865255500
On receipt of this information we will again make contact with you to explain the rest of the stages in the application process.

Please ensure that we receive your information within the next 24 hours.

Kind regards

I got a request to fax my CV, photo and motivation letter but no mention of what post I applied for or which company it is from. And if I did apply for something like this they should already have my CV with them.
2019-02-19 / ST / Negative
I also received a fax requesting documents, fax charges are mad!
2019-02-06 / Home / Negative
Also received an email from them requesting my documents and a picture, the name at the bottom is "Workmart" but there are no results for it on the internet

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