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Comments (3) Rating - Negative 0/10
2020-03-25 / Consumer stration / Negative
Harassment, threats, sms to phone p&p attorneys. They expect consumer to call them and I refuse to spend money on phone calls just to be attacked verbally by a voice with no name.
This has been going for a number of years. The voice must have watched tv series where the prosecute is portrayed as hero. I refuse to be treated like that when they are not even able to sort out their client Telkom queries.
2019-03-17 / Roussos / Negative
I agree with above comment. Threats, bullying sms messages, intimidation, ordering recipient to phone p&p attorneys 're telkom. Various amounts , on phone the same, very rude , cutting off caller not giving time to answer. Identical sms to other targets except different ref no.
Giving my full name and ID number on sms. It stinks. I hope they will get their come uppance. Soon. Ethics?? Civilized manner?
2019-02-14 / Consumer / Negative
Harassment. All sms from a group of telephone numbers ordering to contact p&p attorneys 0393173094 regarding Telkom are bullying , I object. There are civilised ways to treat their targets .I cannot believe that this is legal , it is a one-sided thing .Consumer is treated in harassing manner when phoning p&p attorneys. P&P expects their targets to phone them and the get an abusive run down.

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